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Aaron Basil Nelson

Host Inquisitor
Hello! And thank you for visiting the site. We appreciate your support of the podcast and hope you can help us spread the word about goods embedded within. A little about me: When not asking 20 questions, I act as Lead Industrial Designer & Creative Director for Klugonyx Group – a full service product development firm based in Salt Lake City – for which I spend my days dreaming up delightful designs for a variety of International brands. I went to Design school in Auckland, New Zealand and am (I believe) the very definition of a Multi-Disciplinary Designer – having worked professionally on almost everything ranging from Baby Products to New Neighborhoods over the past 15 years.
I believe in the power of imagination, vision, and creativity, and revel in the process of sharing keys to creativity on this platform, in addition to bolstering the local design community here in Salt Lake City. You can reach me via email at: aaronnelsonslc@gmail.com

Christian Mills

Sound Engineer

Hey there, glad you’re joining us as we explore the designs and designers that make Salt Lake City so great! I’m a musician based out of this fine city where I operate Kiki Zub Records (where this podcast is primarily recorded) as well as an occasional chemical engineering consultant for research and development as well as data driven manufacturing.

About Our Podcast

Design Lake City is exactly what the name suggests – a podcast about Design happening in Salt Lake City. And more specifically about the design Individuals executing the business of design in Salt Lake City. The underpinning here is a covert mission to foster local creative community engagement. Enjoy!